Let us take take care of your Infra While you focus more on your Business.

Running an Un-Managed Infrastructure??
Need Emergency support??

Hire a Dedicated System Admin for any critical issues. Get thing fixed in an hour!

By the end of July Chrome will begin explicitly warning users if a site is insecure...

Get an SSL installed on your Website
Relax and grow your Business !! We Will Take Care of your Websites 24/7/365
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Managed Services

1 Hour Free Consultation


Current architecture


Requirements & budget


Best-suited plan


WeMadeEasy’s proactive practices keeps your data safe and secure 24/7/365.

Regular Patching

We perform regular OS patching and security audits on your server. This ensures a secure cloud server and avoids injections and vulnerabilities.

Firewall on each Server

All servers are protected by platform level firewalls that filter out malicious traffic and keep the intruders away.

HTTPS Websites only.

HTTPS makes sure you are talking to the real site server, and not someone else impersonating it.

Up-To-Date Applications

Supporting all the latest versions of WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Laravel and many more.

Data Privacy and Security

No one wants their data to be compromised, so any data that we receive is treated in the same way we’d treat our own details.WeMadeEasy Assured

Only IP-Based access

Making it easy to Work over networks or regions with unrestricted access to SSH ,SFTP and Admin Dashboards.

Pay as you GO!

The Price of Infrastructure remains the same as Provider. For all kinds of Setup, Support
and Consultations :

Never Hesitate to send us a message across FB or Email as per your convenience.


Know More?


PHP 7, Redis, Nginx, Memcache, CDN for better website speed and performance.


We check your website’s every 60 seconds. Thus, helping us react to things that might impact your visitors.


Within 15 mins, experts will step in & analyze the root issue to deliver a solution.

No More Panic

If you’re with us, your website is our top priority.

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